Song Lyrics
Sample lyrics as of July 8, 2004

Someone Pulled the Plug: Basic Chord Structure (each line represents 1 measure -- 4 beats):

Am "Things were meant to"
G "happen, though we"
Fm7 "may not" Em7 "know just"
Am "why. Some"

Am "times I want to"
F "laugh and sing . . . and"
G "other times just"
Am "cry."

After several verses using this structure, the final Am in the above pattern becomes A [major] and the modality changes for a few lines:

A "Maybe we'll live to-"
E "gether."
G "Maybe we'll live a-"
D "part. But what-

A "ever it is, for the"
E "sake of the kids, let's"
F "do it with" G "all of our"
A "heart."

"Heart" is sustained for 2 measures. The chord for the second measure switches to Am, and the song then returns to the original chord pattern (with a varied ending) as the first verse repeated (with a varied ending).