Fathers And Mothers against Inappropriate Labeling and Yelling


If "Fathers And Mothers against Inappropriate Labeling and Yelling" triggers any sort of negative reaction in you (such as anger, hostility, sadness, etc.), try the following steps (25 - 45 seconds should do it):
  1. take a deep, nice, easy breath (in through the nose, out through the mouth)
  2. look at each word, focus on that word for a second or two (maintain slow breathing)
  3. if any thoughts other than the words themselves pop up, simply acknowledge them, perhaps where they came from, and send them on their way; no need to struggle with them
If this exercise helps to ease the discomfort of any negative reactions you may have had, great!!! Read on. If not, perhaps you are not yet ready for F.A.M.I.L.Y. Feel free to read on or come back another time.

The goal of this material is to empower families to reduce the verbal violence and emotional trauma children face. The method for achieving this goal is understanding.